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Birthright Canada hike Meron

After the short hike we had had on our first day, I don’t think our group was expecting the challenge and inner reflection we gained from our hike with Paratrekker on Mount Meron. This activity was not only about helping to carry Shmulik’s personally-fitted ‘trekker,’ which was a physical challenge, but the mental exercise of self-reflecting on our dreams and their potential obstacles. We heard about Shmulik’s life after his spinal cord injury in the Yom Kippur War and how pursuing a positive outlook was his first thought while recovering, all while surrounded by beautiful views of the Galilee. His stories and energy inspired us, and clearly inspired his son to achieve his own dream: being able to travel and hike with his father using their ‘trekker.’ I can definitely speak for all of us when I say it was the most unusual, spiritually-centered es and rewarding hike of our trip so far, and that we will always look back on our unique experience meeting Shmulik with pride and a sense of awe.

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