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Samuel Shilo in the land of the Bible- from Mitzpe Masu'a to Tel Azeka.

As an active architect and planner for more than 40 years, projects frequently took me to visits to "civilized" as well as remote spots in my country and abroad. Since my physical condition deteriorated due to an injury sustained as a reserve armour officer, my travelling was seriously affected. More than all, I missed just exploring new places for me, as the "Israel National Trail". When I met the guys from Paratrek, that missing feeling began to disappear. Our first trek, to a portion of the "Israel path" confirmed it. We all, the Paratrek guys, friends, my kids (on two legs) and myself (on two wheels) helped by them, walked along several rough terrain kilometers. I felt transported back to the old times. It was the fantastic feeling of being reconnected to nature.

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